Angular. js

Angular.js helps you to use HTML as your template language and helps you to increase HTML's syntax to explicit your utility's components actually and succinctly. Angular.js’s records binding and dependency injection take away much of the code you'll otherwise should write. .

    Built by Google

    Angular.js has been developed as well as maintained by dedicated Google engineers. This means that there is a huge community out there for you to learn from. Apart from that, there are engineers that can help you tackle any challenges you face on the way. It also means that clients get what they want.

    Great MVC

    As mentioned earlier, most frameworks require programmers to splitting the app into multiple MVC components. After that, the programmer has to write a code to put them together again. Angular.js however, strings it together automatically. That saves you time, and reduces the app’s time-to-market.


    Angular.js is more intuitive as it makes use of HTML as a declarative language. Moreover, it is less brittle for reorganizing.


    Angular.js is a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development. It does not need any other plugins or frameworks. Moreover, there are a range of other features that include Restful actions, data building, dependency injection, enterprise-level testing, etc.

    Unit Testing Ready

    Angular.js is unit testing ready, and that is one of its most compelling advantages.